Dinner for One

Dinner for OneThe expression comes from an old British TV film called ” Dinner for One” from 1963 in black and white. For some unknown reason, this is shown every year on German and Austrian TV on New Years Eve. You can see Dinner for One here if you have 10 minutes to spend.


2 years and the same result

The reason “Same procedure as every year” is used is because the Northampton Chronicle & Echo has reacted exactly the same as last year by doing nothing. Following the links on their website to “Place your Ad” takes you to a form listing the different categories, which has not been updated since 2010. Because of this we contacted the advertising department to request an additional category. This is managed by Johnston Press Plc.ย  We received a very nice email reply that we would be contact by the Northampton Chronicle & Echo, after 3 weeks, nothing, “same procedure as every year” as this is what happen in 2015 at this time.

Same procedure as every year

The email

“Thank you for contacting Johnston Press, I have forwarded your enquiry on to the section who deal with the Northampton Chronicle & Echo publication.

ย Someone will contact you shortly to help you.
ย Kind regards”

If businesses like the Northampton Chronicle & Echo don’t have procedures in place to act when a customer wishes to place an order and spend money, you can image what other websites might have problems with. Our partner website Mystery Shopper specialises in evaluating and testing business websites from a typical customers point of view. Makes sense when you think about it.

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