The UK Referendum

Not many days to go now, and there are many people that are still not decided, one way or the other. The undecided will decide the outcome.

The best person to take care of you and your family’s future is you. Nobody trusts politicians and most put themselves first before the general public. The old saying a “devil you know is better than a devil you don’t” is very true.

If Putin and Trump think it is a good idea for the UK to leave, why is it good for you?

For many people they have never known what it could be like outside of the European Community, and people forget the many benefits that have become part of everyday live. You will only know what you had when it is all taken away.

The European Community really wants Britain to be part of the present and future, and Cameron hasย negotiated some major changes, don’t let 40 years go to waste, vote to stay and make the changes needed.

As a believer in the future of Europe I wrote an article which has some basic facts, if you have time it is worth a read.

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