Staying at home during Northamptonshire Lockdown

Northamptonshire Lockdown. You need to know now.

Innovative ways to use time during the Lockdown

Northamptonshire Lockdown, here are some great ideas and contacts to help you during this difficult time.

To prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, the government has imposed a near-total lockdown. Being unable to leave home, only for essential shopping can be very frustrating.

Why not use this time to work on your skills and knowledge? Our News section has a range of ideas. We are here to help you utilise this difficult time in your favour. Read on to find out more.

Easy ways to increase your skills during the Northamptonshire Lockdown

Join Online Book Clubs.

During this lockdown, people are trying to build connections online. And there is undoubtedly no better way to connect than sharing the love for reading. There are various book reading groups on different social media platforms that you can join in this lockdown. Not only can becoming a part of a book club pique your interest in reading, but it will also educate you about the kinds of good books you are missing out on.

Register for Online Seminars and Conferences

Different societies and organizations are reaching out to people through online seminars and workshops. In normal circumstances, taking time to attend a mental health or career seminar would have been difficult. But due to the Northamptonshire lockdown, and online accessibility of these seminars and workshops, you can easily register for informative workshops and watch them from the comfort of your home.

Listen to audiobooks

If you want to gain knowledge through books but find reading very tiring, it is better to utilise your free time to listen to audiobooks. The biggest advantage of listening to audiobooks is that it does not exhaust you as actual reading does. You can simply pay attention and listen while attending to any other task.

These are new skills you can quickly learn now.

The Best Selected Social Media Solutions

Almost every aspect of human life is somehow being run through social media. No matter what field you belong to, having social media management skills will always come in handy.

This lockdown is an excellent opportunity to get social media friendly. There are various YouTube tutorials and online courses which you can get help from. While in lockdown, start by building your own Instagram or Blogger blog, and learn how social media marketing works.

The best way to become a multimedia expert

Work on your multimedia skills by learning how to use apps like Vimeo, iMovie, Lumen5, Adobe Express, or Animoto. There are countless other editing applications to choose from. Watch YouTube tutorials and learn how to demonstrate the relevance and usefulness of any video.

Useful speaking skills that make you interesting

If you lack confidence in the public speaking area, utilize the time you have during lockdown to brush up on your speaking skills. For a small registration fee, TED offers a masterclass that covers all the aspects of public speaking. The platforms also have other free lectures presented by famous public speakers to give you tips and suggestions.

How to energise your time management skills

Once you decide to occupy your free time during lockdown with learning all these skills and enhancing your knowledge, you ought to have a proper time schedule, so you donโ€™t end up messing everything up. Here are some tips that can help you manage your time during lockdown easily:

  • If you have enough time, then starting the task before the scheduled time can help you overcome procrastination.
  • It is better to set limits on the active responsibilities you can take. Learn to say no when your schedule is tight so that you can avoid getting overwhelmed by all the work at once.
  • Learn to take dedicated breaks between work. While drawing out your schedule, give yourself short intervals so that you can decompress and keep stress at bay.
  • Prioritize your everyday task. This way, you can divide your focus between important and less important tasks.
  • Organize your workspace so that you donโ€™t have to shuffle through your things every time you have to complete a specific task, and it will save you a lot of time.

So, these were some ways through which you can make your Northamptonshire lockdown productive. Make the most out of this time, by working on your skills and learning to connect with the world in new ways. These are troubling times, but we must understand that growth and learning should never stop!

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