Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

More and more people are using Smartphones and Tablets to access the Internet and search for information. This is one reason that companies must ensure that their website is responsive. Responsive means that the website will adjust to the users device. computers, Smartphone or Tablet. Check out the importance of responsive website designs. Please remember that both Android and Apple cannot show “Flash”, so don’t use it in a progressive website.

Two main versions

The two dominant operating systems are for Apple products and products using the Android system. As of the end January 2015 Android has 44% of the market and Apple has 31%. Apps can be download fromย  or from the product supplier, Android at or from As can be seen from the market share, both versions need to be created for good market coverage.

Northampton Apps Examples



Northamptonshire County Council.ย  Android App







Northampton Chronicale & Echo. Android App






Northampton University. Android App





Apple Love Northampton


Northampton Borough Council.ย  Apple App.




A request was made to some local companies producing Apps, but neither bothered to reply. If you know of some good Apps for Northampton and Northamptonshire, please send details for possible inclusion in the post. If enough Apps are received a new page will be created for visitors to download. All good free marketing for the App creator.