The Membership Badge is now available

Badge Member of the Northampton Business Directory

It has been proven that membership of a group of trusted companies provides a business with creditability to new customers. The Northampton Business Directory is making this badge available to all existing and new members free of charge. The image is resizeable downward to suit your website and Blog posts. This is also a good image to use for all types of marketing, printed on business cards and as a sticker of all customer shipments.


A company badge is different from a Logo and can used for promoting an individual product brand identity within the overall business brand. Branding is best undertaken by a professional marketing company. But for the smaller company with a limited budget, a badge can be a quick and easy solution. We all know and trust certain brands. spread your business identity with a badge.

Need a Badge?

We do not provide any design services, but we do work closely with a design agency that specialises in this area. If you would like more details, please the contact form. Prices start from ยฃ20 and are unique to your business styling.