Lockdown ideas for companies and people


Coronavirus Lockdown Ideas

With coronavirus spreading at a staggeringly high rate, there are many things to do. The UK is under severe lockdown, which means not leaving your home unless absolutely necessary.

This lockdown includes the closure of schools and the implementation of work from home rules if possible. This sudden change in lives is frustrating for everyone. For business owners, moving staff to remote working, or for people staying at home, it is a real challenge.

Lockdown tips for businesses

For business owners based in Northamptonshire, times are very difficult. But there always things to be done if the business is to survive. Here are some tips for using the lockdown to your advantage:

1. Create a work from home policy document

All the business owners should make a working from home policy for their employees, which should include their expected work hours, how the scheduled meetings would take place, where to report the assigned tasks or projects, how to communicate with clients etc. It will result in smooth remote working.

2. Communications during Lockdown

Communication is a necessary tool in such situations. Do not let the communication gap occur between you and your employees.

Miscommunication can lead to major mistakes. You can appoint someone in your company to keep in contact with all the employees asking them about their everyday tasks, and general health. Observe the Data Protection Acts and the law.

Do not forget the customer. Make certain somebody is available to answer the phone and reply to emails

3. Competitor analysis

In situations like working from home and lockdown, many business owners do not bother what their competitors are doing.

Competitor analysis is equally important in such situations. It will help you analyse your companyโ€™s performance and improve it by various marketing strategies or implementing effective methods.

4. Value your Employees

You can keep your employees motivated by asking them their opinion, comments, suggestions about business operations, companyโ€™s website, structure etc. The old “Suggestions Box” has a real part to play.

You can conduct online surveys, interviews, or ask for anonymous suggestions. No one knows your organization better than the employees who work at the front line. The suggestions/opinions can be valuable for the business and also will help in motivating your employees.

5. Focus on all types of marketing

No one can deny the power of marketing as it allows you to build stronger and long-term relationships with your existing, potential, past customers and also with other business associations.

Assign one or two people to launch a rigorous e-mail marketing campaign, ask a few employees to write the newsletters, and monitor the results. Join our Directory There are many other ways to promote your company.

6. Update the business website with Lockdown information

All businesses should update the business website and inform customers and visitors what is happening. This can bring more traffic to the website and can generate quality new leads.

7. Self employed or a small business, you need to take steps and plan for the future.

Very hard sometimes to think about the future, when the present is so difficult. But plan you must. Everybody is online, either selling or buying. Have you really checked your website? As mention in another article do not use Google to check on how your website is listed.

Tips for individuals under lockdown

For people staying at home during this Lockdown, here are things you can do if you are not working for your company from home.

7. Learn a new language

You have plenty of time at home, so why not add new things to your skill set? Write down what skills you have and see if new skills would help pass the time and be beneficial. Start with small things.

Need a challenge? learn a new language. Maybe French? German? Turkish? Or any language that fascinates you.

To make things more exciting, you can involve some of your friends. Greeting each other in a different language would be fun. Naturally using WhatsApp Groups, Zoom, Facetime will protect everybody.

8. Virtual tour of the UK

Canโ€™t go out and visit famous places in the UK? No worries. Why not have a virtual tour of these places with your family like Buckingham Palace, the British museum, or the Tower of London. Search for virtual tours and the place, you will be amazed at what is available.

9. Baking

Baking can never get boring. Whether you are just a beginner or a good baker, this is the best time to spread your wings. Beginners can enrol themselves in a few online baking courses or try it on their own through different videos.

And if you are an expert baker, you can do a certified course and start your online bakery. 

10. Home workout

Gyms are closed during this lockdown. But that doesnโ€™t mean to compromise on your fitness. You can also work out at home during the same timings as your gym, in your gym suits, and exercise mats.

There are many workout videos on YouTube. You can play one accordingly and enjoy the home workout. You can have a family workout routine by inviting your family in it.

11. Learn New Skills/Freelancing

Have you ever wanted to do something but couldnโ€™t get time? Here is your chance! There are thousands of courses offered online by various professionals.

You can enrol in any one of them. You can also sell your services online through various freelancing platforms. And there is always Ebay to get rid of unwanted items, and make some cash.

12. Writing:

Do you have writing skills? But never got a chance to use it during busy life schedules. Now is the best time to utilise those skills. You can start with making a blog where you can post your writings. The best is Blogger and free.

One of the best way to improve and also promote your writing skills. You can put these skills to good use by helping people out during the lockdown with your comforting and soothing words, giving them hope and direction to their life.

There is always a need for volunteers, and can be a legal reason to leave the home. Working at a food bank, might give you and other people a common cause to smile.

So, these are some things that you can do during this lockdown. Hopefully, this will help everyone out there who is worried, frustrated and lonely due to the current situation. We all need to help and support each other. 

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