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Whether you are interested in customised promotional pens for your company, law firm or special event, you’ve come to the right place. Whitlock wooden designer pens have an array of wooden fountain pens, roller ball pens, pencil gift sets for sale along with the important accessories you’ve been looking for to accompany your purchase. As a fine writing instrument manufacturer we also offer superior customer service and real expertise and experience that allow us to help you get exactly the right product for your service needs.
Did you know that Whitlock supplies most of the industry with their pens, which in turn, are packaged and resold under other brand names for higher prices? At Whitlock Designs, you get the best, for less.

Check out our handmade perfume Atomizer, perfume pens and handmade ball point pens which consist of cigar pens, sierra ballpoint pens, for example. We offer a wide selection of pens, made to the highest standards. These represent the state of the art when it comes to pen technology.
Our range of novelty wooden pens and resin handmade pens allow for a completely new feel to your writing instrument. Precise, accurate and always clean, it’s the newest alternative to traditional wooden pens.

When commemorating any special event for your staff or colleagues with a gift always remember our handcrafted pens. We design and build every pen ourselves, each one a one-of-a-kind memento to be treasured forever.
A pen is a wonderful way to recognize a particular time and place as a beautiful and appropriate writing accessory. If you want to coordinate its color or style with a special place or need a recorded memory of an important occasion in the design, we at Whitlock have a unique selection that you will not find anywhere else. Simply, we do not have competitors, because each of our handcrafted wood writing instruments are made and sold exclusively by us. Wouldn’t you love to mark a success, achievement, landmark, historic meeting or an important occasion with such an important writing instrument? Contact us today.

Expert Craftsmanship: Whitlock Custom Wood Pens

We select the best exotic woods from around the world and turn them into an exquisite writing instrument. All our pens are handcrafted by experienced wood carvers, followed by specialized production processes that showcase the natural beauty of the wood grain, giving our wooden pens a deep ultra-shine bringing out a rich and wonderful design. More information on our designer pen website.

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