Mystery Shopper Presentation

All business websites should be evaluated by a secret or mystery shopper. Here’s why.


The terms website review or website audit are not the same as a website mystery shopper. A shopper is an experience person with knowledge on customer behaviour, website best practices, website owners requirements and social media reactions. If you don’t know what your customers see, and do on your website, you will have missed the one opportunity to establish a relationship.

It is more important every that companies understand who visits their website and what actions they take. It is a general fact that about 40-50% of visitors will not go beyond the first page. Many visitors also find other pages that link to the main site, do not assume that people will automatically land on the home page.

Another reason why old pages with information should not be removed as they are almost certain to be listed in the Google and Bing index and remain to be found for a very long time.