By Hannah O'Neill

Freelance SEO is copywriting in Northampton and the surrounding areas. 

Need some help getting your business off the ground? Feel like you do everything right, but people still aren’t choosing you? I’m here to help. Copywriting is integral to any business’s success.

While it might seem like words, great copy can take the bones of a company and turn it into a brand with endless growth potential.

I’m Hannah O’Neill, and I give your company the SEO strategy, authenticity and originality it needs to rank on the search engines and build a strong online presence.

As a freelance B2B and B2C copywriter, I’ve worked with clients from all backgrounds and supported some of the UK’s most awarded SEO agencies.

Whether you’ve got a blank canvas or need help turning your current lacklustre copy into something irresistible, I’ve got you covered.

My services include: 

SEO Copywriting
Content Strategies
Blog Writing Services
Marketing Consultations
I also offer each prospective client a free sample, so you have nothing to lose. Contact me today, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Let’s get those words unleashed and onto your website.

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