Buying or selling, now is the time.

Analysis shows that search queries “houses for sale” and “property for sale” are rising in 2016.  The Northampton Chronicle & Echo reports average Northamptonshire house prices increased by 3.6% in 2015. Now is the time people should start to think about changing house, moving to a new area, or selling up to release the money locked up in property and retire or emigrate. With property prices still rising it could be now or never.

The Northampton Business Directory has a number of leading estate agents that provide personal services backed by local knowledge. If you are moving into the area from another part of the country this knowledge can prove to be very useful.

Houses for sale

Houses for saleYou can search the Directory or visit the category directly from the image. We suggest if you are happy with the Estate Agent or property manager of your choice, you make a review of their listings.

The advantage of using a local business is that any expenditure is recirculated within the county. Check out the prices in your area


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