Northampton Business Directory GDPR update.

To ensure compliance with the new “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came in force on 25th May, we have contacted all existing members of the Northampton Business Directory. The results show that the vast majority received and viewed the email sent.

GDPR Checklist

A number of companies had closed down, or did not wish to remain a member. We have deleted all their information from the Directory, deleted their details from our mailing list, and are taking steps to remove their email address from our administration computer.


Most companies are breaking the law

The majority of businesses now use a computer system to manage customer accounts, send letters, contact supplies, plan budgets etc. So it is understandable there are customer, enquiries, and supplier records store on the system. Under the new UK Data Protection Law and the EU General Data Protect Regulation this data information must be stored securely and only accessed by approved staff, who have been instructed in the latest security measures. All customers and suppliers must directly be contacted and confirm you may hold their data. Fines can be horrendous, don’t be the first to test the law.

Where to start?

Check out a free general guide on Drachsi. We are not professionals to advise on all the requirements, but a basic start should be made on data protection. Every business website also needs to publish a Privacy Policy document, and how it complies with the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Law.

Nearly 70% of UK companies are still not implementing any data protection rules. See why