6 months free offer extended by 1 month

The normal freeย  offer listing period is 6 months, but to encourage Northampton and Northamptonshire companies to register during the summer months, this will be extended until the end of December. This covers the all important Christmas period for many local companies.

This offer ends June 2014

You never know exactly where customers come from, they may have seen a link, an article or struck luck with a search. For the business owner the more quality link opportunities the better. Time to consider the Directory for part of your marketing campaign.

It takes 5 minuets

Simple and fast, then there are the benefits for months ahead to consider. Best marketing value you will find. Click the “Add a Free Listing now” button to start. There is no easy way to enhance the possibilities of an individual webpage listing in the top ten of search results, and the Directory makes no claims to do this for any company. What is a fact, is that local people much prefer to shop locally if the quality, price and service are right. Google specifically shows local pages based on a smartphone location or on the IP address of a computer.

The Directory helps local companies target local customers, and is just one of the many methods used to find new customers.