Free Advertising. How the Directory helps a business find the customer.

Businesses of all types use advertising to market and promote their business. Whether it is in a local newspaper or distributing flyers or in Business Directories. There are also strict controls on sending spam emails. The method with the highest success and long term benefits is a suitable Directory listing.

A well-known proverb

The phrase โ€œyou can lead a horse to water, but you canโ€™t make it drinkโ€ is a proverb that means you can provide someone with a nice opportunity, but you canโ€™t make them take it, if they donโ€™t want to. I would also add, especially if the benefits are not understood.

Probably one of the oldest proverbs still in use. You can create favourable circumstances for someone to do something but cannot force them to do it. This was used in the twelfth century, when horses were the only means of transport.

What does this mean for a free Directory?

Over the years we have explained to many businesses of all types, from B&B’s to national companies with a local address, how the Internet and Google work. Without this understanding people do nothing. If there is no interest then reading a short Directory Article will still not help.

Free does not mean there is no value. There many free opportunities in life, not everything paid for, is good value. So back to the reasons why a listing in a free local Business Directory. It works. A business should be seen where the customers are.

Don’t know what to do?

We love helping businesses promote themselves in the free local Directory. Most of the support provided is free. There is a Question and Answer section and specific articles shown in the menu bar. If none of these help, then use the contact form. If you do nothing the problem does not disappear, it only gets worse.

Local advertising

Unfortunately many businesses fail to understand how companies like Google work, and what is needed to meet the requirements for success. We do. Let us help your local business with free advertising.