Donald Trump


Just heard back from the Government, that this partition will be debated on 18th January and they will supply a video, which will be added when available. Democracy is working.

Small Donald Trump

You may think Donald Trump is of no interest to you and will not effect your life in anyway, but you could be mistaken. There is a lot of close cooperation between the UK and the USA on a wide range of matters, security being one of them. As Trump has openly criticises the UK, with no go areas and the police fearful for their lives, and wants to ban Muslims from entering the US, the UK government will have to react in some way.

If the UK votes to leave the UK and with possible Trump as President, the UK could find itself very lonely and employment could suffer.

Ban Donald Trump from the UK partition

More than 550,000 ( as of this post) people have signed a government partition banning Donald Trump from the UK. If he is elected the Republican Presidential candidate and considering the close ties between the UK and the USA, will this effect the result of the UK referendum on staying in Europe?

The partition is a good idea as it allows the people to tell the government how they feel, maybe it would be a good idea if other countries also created a partition to inform their government how they feel about Trump. Want to vote, the UK government partition is here I have voted now it is your turn.

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