Free Listings Offer

The word means many things to different people. Free Apps are considered to have a value, like “WhatsApp” possibly the best “free” App in the world. We are all different, have different values and standards when evaluating something that is “Free” Take for example the Listings offer on the Northampton Business Directory. Yes it is free, no spam emails, a company listing can modify and update any time, and yet many local companies see no value or benefit.

Applications to join the Directory have come from the US, (where there is a Northampton), Canada and even China, all have been declined. These companies see a business benefit , not so Northampton companies. Why is that?


As a business owner you are focused on the business and all of the demanding requirements, from customers, staff, finance, banks and the Inland Revenue. Only if your business is based on or using the Internet do you show interest about the company on-line. Chances are the web side of the business is outsourced to a web design company, and they don’t get paid for taking advantage of the many opportunities to promote your business, It’s time consuming.


Time is precious. Never enough time, so let the Northampton Business Directing help your business with a free listing that can get results.