Never stop marketing your business

Sorry, we are closed. If you have recently walked down any local high street or town centre lately, you will have seen Covid in Northamptonshire signs everywhere on doors and windows “Sorry we are closed”, and nothing else. What ever the weather, people will go out now it is possible. Time to start promoting again.

Most shops and business premises show they are sorry and have to remain closed due to Covid in Northamptonshire restrictions. This is a huge missed opportunity to market your business. All marketeers are opportunists, so what can you do?

What you don’t see is the business website address.

Every business premise should show their website address, and show they are ready to open when possible.

Fresh flowers in the shop windows and pubs, budgerigars in a large cage. many people are now walking down streets they only used to drive down. The freedom to walk has never been stronger and more in demand. Time to use this once in a life time opportunity.

See how a local Covid centre is working

So if people are street walking, they pass shops and businesses, stop and look. If the website address is shown in the door or window, it might not be anything like the shop’s name. People can take an image with their mobile , or write it down for later use.

Covid in Northamptonshire shops, sorry we are closed

So depressing, and a great waste of a marketing opportunity

Closed can mean you are ready to open

Some companies like a New York steak house have created unbelievable global news coverage for their business. They also have Covid problems. You can do the same. Any premises can be made to look bright and cheerful and catch the eye.

Maybe have a local Northamptonshire street artist do some graffiti, getting noticed and remember is what it is about. Local news sources love a good story, so create one for them to write about. Very good free publicity.

Fresh flowers in the window, a printed “Joke of the day”, rented fish aquariums, Build a Lego structure in the window. Do anything that shows people you care and still exist.

Painting the premises in bright colours, display work from local handcrafts, and you will be remembered, and ready for customers when Covid is over. Check out our Questions and Answers section for more assistance with your free listing.

This is the best opportunity to catch the eye of people out for a walk, that you never had before. Less restrictions, better weather, most people are very happy to go out for a walk, and you will be seen.

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