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♦ How we can help


♦ For many business owners quickly accessing and using the administration of a website is not possible. The website is often operated and maintained by friends, family or outsourced to a company.


♦ The good business news is that a free listing in the Northampton Business Directory can help solve many of these problems.


♦ It is simple to login and make any changes which are instantly available to customers.


♦ Saves money, this is a “Do It Yourself” solution to updating the information.


♦ Helps with understanding how the internet and websites work.


♦ The Directory is often the first place people use to search for local businesses.


♦ The simple search facility makes finding a suitable supplier easy. If you are not listed, you don’t get found.


♦ Check out our simple questions and answers page to see how to proceed or drop us and email, we are here to help.