Feed up with Brexit?

Most people have heard so much about Brexit, they have lost interest. But something important is happening next week on 5th December you should know about. This is the moment Parliament debates and votes on the Withdrawal Bill. MP’s should be voting to give themselves the right to vote on the final terms of the UK leaving the European Union.

After all the lies and fake news, promises of ยฃ350 million a week for the NHS, now it is getting to the real details. The majority of those that voted in the Referendum, voted to leave based on personal feelings and the information available. Now you are better informed, so tell your local MP you want Parliament to have the final decision, not Boris Johnson, Michael Grove, Therese May, or Jacob Rees-Mogg, but all of Parliament.


Brexit Vote. Best for Britain Let your local Member of Parliament know you want them to vote for Parliament to have the final decision. This is the final chance to have your voice heard and not taken for granted. Click and vote on the Brexit News website now.



Pass the link onto other family and friends, last chance to make a difference