Covid or Brexit, are you prepared?

Nobody could have prepared for the devastating effect that the Corvid Pandemic has had on the UK, and the effect on nearly every type of local business. Customers have disappeared from the high street, and from many business parks. Many purchases are now made online. This loss of normal income is adding to the pressure.

Many local companies have already laid off staff under furlough, and the future is not looking very good. But there are some things that can be done, in the hope that the business can survive.

A business may already have plans or started to make plans for all the changes that will come in just a few months time with, the final departure of the UK from the European Union. But staff cutbacks and reduced financial resources, have added to the pressure.

There are some preparations that might help any company survive, and that is ensuring the business is still seem to be alive and active. Somebody should available to monitor the phone and emails. This can be done under lockdown from a “Home Office” What else can and should be done?

Northamptonshire companies are very diverse, everything from a single self employed person, to a multinational company with a Northamptonshire branch. But all need to find customers, which means the online version of the business must be ready and able to satisfy the customer requirements.

But the company must have made enough effort to promote the company online, and take every advantage of free marketing when available. The Northamptonshire Business Directory is free, and actively promotes all listed businesses to Google and Bing and other search engines.

Start by registering here, select the free option, add your business details and leave the rest to us.