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Local shopping in Northamptonshire is always a good idea. On-line and off line, it helps the local economy grow and employs more people.  Use the simple search facility above to locate a business in your area.We started supporting Northampton businesses, and now cover the whole county.

Important questions that have been asked about our Free Business Directory, and the answers here.

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Business owner?, make sure you are listed in the free local Business Directory for Northamptonshire, it is where most of your customers live.

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We also provide a free listing service if you are unsure how to create a listing.

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Customers have been looking for the following businesses without success in the Free Business Directory. physiotherapist, B&B’s, Piano tuners, and cafes, lots of cafes, driving schools, coffee shops, chiropody. If you are one of these, or any type of business, find more customers by joining now, it is free.

If you are a handyman or hairdresser, or any other type of small or large business, joining the free Northamptonshire Business Directory makes sense. Free advertising and marketing never got any cheaper, or better. Easy to use and we provide support when required.


Free Listing for all Northamptonshire Businesses


We are a free local Marketplace for all Northamptonshire businesses and organisations

This is a free local Northamptonshire Businesses Directory for all types of local businesses. We aim to provide all local companies with the opportunity to target their local Northamptonshire customers and to help the local area prosper.

For businesses based in the Northamptonshire area, the Directory provides a quick and simple method to promote and market a business.  Free advertising and marketing to the local area never got better or cheaper, and the listing can be updated at any time. Great for launching new products and special offers.

Local Business listing details here. Your next customer is just one click away.


If you don’t care about your business, nobody else will. We take care of marketing and promotion of your business in this Directory free of charge.


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If this is your first visit you might like to read our Q and A section, with plenty of solutions, or maybe you are looking for a job, check out tips and solutions in our News section, there is additional information in the top menu bar. Shop Local is our motto.

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Maybe your local business targets customers out of the Northamptonshire area, a positive solution is open a free Amazon Business account and sell nationally and to the world.


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