marketing and promotion of small business websites

Marketing and Promotion of a website

Promotion of your website for maximum traffic

Maximising an online business to increase traffic and sales can make a world of difference to a companyโ€™s bottom line. In the Internet Age, there really is no excuse for having a less-than-adequate website for business sales. This applies to small companies, independent proprietors and huge multi-national corporations.

Simply put, shoppers and visitors will not spend time on a site they find unpalatable or difficult to use. There are many other companies available that load quickly and are easy to navigate. Make sure your business is one that draws in visitors and keeps them shopping โ€“ and buying โ€“ on your site.

Marketing and promotion of an online business website

Start your website upgrade by making sure your site works well for visitors. Remember that sales are about the products and the customer experience rather than about the company itself. 

Your online business is the face your company presents to the shopper. Keep it looking professional with simple colour schemes designed around your company logo or symbol.  Best practices suggest consistency of colour schemes among the pages of your site will also help improve the appearance and friendliness of the website.

Visitors generally find animated GIFs, scrolling marquees and text boxes, pop up welcome notifications and mixtures of multiple wild colours annoying. The website must be a “Progressive” site, suitable for mobile and desktop devices. More marketing and promotion ideas in a our Q&A section.

Website Navigation

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and is easy for visitors to find the products they want. Keep navigation buttons and menus simple and obvious. Keep navigation consistent throughout all the pages of the site.

Navigation either at the top of the page or in a column down the left side of the page may be the most expected sort for visitors and potential buyers on your site.  If you use links within your pages, use them in a logical manner and do not over-use them.

View your site as if you were a first time customer on the page to determine if it is easy to get around the website and find items you want. Use large pictures of products as links to your internal product pages rather than relying on text links alone.

Part of keeping navigation simple is giving visitors a clear, easy way to find what they want to purchase. Studies show that visitors who do not locate their desired item within two to three seconds usually leave for another website, usually a competitor.

Keep information on the site and on the individual pages well organized, moving from the most general information to the most detailed as shoppers navigate deeper into the site.  On any given page or within any given product description, put the most important information first.

Most visitors will simply scan blocks of text rather than read them in detail, so make it very easy for them to find the valuable information. Repeat the vital matters again at the end of the page or at the end of the product description.

Perhaps most importantly, website owners should ensure the website gives visitors what they want. Include information your customers want, such as links to product pages, contact information, prices and FAQs about the products or services. Use consistent company-related keywords throughout the site and across all the pages of the site. 

Learn more about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and implement those strategies throughout the site. Doing so will help your site rank higher on search engine listings and draw in more traffic. More visitors to your site will most likely lead to higher sales and a stronger Internet presence.

We can help with Marketing and Promotion.

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