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Website Support Services 2021


Projections show the future growth in e-commerce. Drachsi helps business owners position themselves to capitalize on the future of the Internet. Helping customers with an existing website understand what customers think and do when visiting a website.


Drachsi provides valuable insights for targeted sales tactics, site traffic generation and customer analytics. We implement the best on-line website check services and search engine optimization for all types of on-line businesses. Helping website owners position their products and businesses in front of the right people. An hour or two per week, Drachsi can supports on-line businesses, and makes a difference to success or failure of aย  website.


Website evaluation and assessment

A business website is the doorway to engage with new customers and expand company growth. Websites need assessment and evaluation to ensure the customer experience matches expectations. Drachsi helps companies maintain websites in peak condition, boosting market exposure and increasing sales. Build effective sitemaps to support individual web pages and maximize their visibility to the major search engines. Using all available resources to provide ongoing maintenance and functionality for the small business website.


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