Toro Dorado Steak House

Toro Dorado Steak House is a South American Style Steak restaurant, they serve exquisite meat steaks.

This steakhouse makes sure that the meals are prepared from freshest ingredients, maintaining great level of hygiene.
Toro Dorado Steak House induces a fine blend of secret spices to give the steaks a distinct ambrosial flavour. The steaks are cut skilfully to give the well-deserved authenticity that South American style steak should have.
Along with tasteful meat steaks, they offer well prepared sea food, chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Toro Dorado Steak House is famous in the neighbourhood of Wellingborough, Northampton for its distinct offering of authentic South American style steaks.

They accept advanced reservations for parties as well. And can arrange a private room for a big group of people.
Toro Doradoโ€™s wine list is world class. They offer a wide range of international flavours of wines.

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