Let’s share a little part of the Supplyant story so far. We still consider ourselves a startup organisation even after twelve years of growth.

In a nutshell, our story started back when Nick Morton went to art school and his brother Simon was deep in his mechanical engineering course in Sunderland.

Unlike Nick, Simon always had a passion for solving people’s problems. He would spot a problem and in a few days come up with a solution to make it go away. On the other hand, Nick’s specialty was identifying opportunities for people to solve.

It was the perfect partnership.

Then in 1998 Simon and Nick teamed up for the first time, this led them to working on websites and the growth that was starting with selling online, and they loved it.

Since Nick had a background in marketing, he had people coming to him asking about websites. This was 1998, and nobody really knew where to turn to make the most from this new technology and how to utilise it to its fullest. That’s where the customer trust & relationship building comes in. Supplyant has an incredibly talented team who understand exactly how to care for for client(s) in challenging situations.

So Nick asked Simon if he could work on the technical aspect (code and language) required to make their project a reality, but Simon said he could not. Surprisingly, three days after the conversation Simon was able to confirm that he had completed all that was needed to be done. He likes to solve problems.

A company approached them as they needed design working doing for them, one of which was shop frontages. Nick and Simon quickly identified that the company had an edge against its competitors so they proposed to build an e-commerce website. The idea interested them a lot, however they didn’t have the money to invest in marketing at the time. Because Nick and Simon saw the potential in the company they decided to offer a commission deal to reduce the initial outlay for the company. This worked for both parties and so a deal was done.

The original company closed its doors, but Nick and Simon forged ahead online and three years down the line, their online company grew fast creating a marketing budget of half a million pounds. They have now sold this business and itโ€™s now a company selling different types of automotive products on a large scale.

That was their first foray into e-commerce marketing, and it became apparent that they had a great eye for details and how to optimise ecommerce websites to produce more revenue.

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