At Song Writing For You we focus on providing our clients with a unique experience resulting in you taking away your very own song creation that is truly yours forever.
Nothing comes close to receiving the gift of a song and 99% of the time the person receiving the gift certainly wasn’t expecting it.
The process can often take up to 4 weeks and our team work very closely with you making sure we capture the sound, style and lyrics exactly how you imagine them.
Whether your considering your very own Wedding ceremony music, or a very special gift for someone, we devote the time to make sure your gift is received with true heartfelt.
We work all over the world, so basically the power of the internet now means we can do everything we need online. Of course it’s always good to talk so whether it’s a good old chat, or information by email we gather all your thoughts and ideas and convert them into a structured song.
We try and cover as many music styles as possible and always keep you posted at every stage to make sure we are on track and producing what you want.