redCONNECT Wireless Fibre Business Internet

Private Wireless Fibre Leased Lines from £30 per month from Northampton’s innovative Wireless Fibre network, brought to you by market leading Redpalm Technology Services Ltd.

redCONNECT™ Wireless Fibre is an ultra-fast network based on a fibre-optic backbone, which is then distributed over our advanced wireless network of point-to-point wireless antennas across Northampton’s rooftops and communications masts. Managed from our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) based in Northampton, with a failover NOC at our London site, our redCONNECT™ Wireless Fibre service provides ultra-fast, low-latency internet connections from 10mb up to 1000mb to organisations within Moulton Business Park, and now further afield in Northampton, with expansion underway into Milton Keynes, Oxford, and London.

*A private, uncontended internet connection that keeps your business connected at the same speed all year round.

*Choose from 10Mb to 1000Mb Speeds.

*Get connected in less than a week.

*Symmetrical Download and Upload Speeds.

*Increase or decrease your Internet bandwidth speed to meet your business needs.

*Money back guarantee.