Northampton Marketing

So, you own a business website, but it is not bring in customers. This problem faces many companies and most do nothing. Are you going to do nothing? A Webmaster can make the difference. A Webmaster is a person that takes care of an existing website, updates information, promotes the company on social media and ensures the website is maintained and running correctly. Don’t wait for your customers to tell you the site is not working.

Sometimes with a little effort and a few pounds this can be changed. Northampton Marketing was created to help small local business benefit from the Internet and the many customers that now look for information on Smartphones and Tablets before making a purchase or contact. Marketing is more than just advertising, it is the plan for your online business success.

Does your website meeting today’s requirements from shoppers? is it responsive? Let use help you become the preferred choice for your products and services. This starts with a website audit, so at least you know where you stand. With this information you can then at least make decisions which meet your objectives and budget.

With hundreds of thousands of companies all after your business, we are the only one that really offers a personal service you can depend. Email us today from the website, you will not regret your decision.




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