What is a Mystery Shopper?

Many traditional companies are now turning to the Internet to improve sales. As online shopping and e-commerce grows in popularity, the need for similar programs on the Internet is apparent. Companies and IT departments believe they know their websites and how well the sites work. However, finding out what real customers think is crucial. On-line mystery shopping programs are not the same as website reviews, which concern themselves with the appearance of a site more than the functionality of the site.

E-commerce clearly needs mystery shopper programs, as shown by the American Express study. That research revealed that 78 percent of consumers have cancelled a transaction or not completed an intended on-line purchase due to a poor customer experience on the website. At the same time, three out of five visitors indicated a willingness to try a new company or brand to get a better web service experience. We are the secret shopping team at your service

To be successful, a website needs to be better than the competition. What is not often considered is what a potential customer thinks of a website. Does it load fast on a desktop and mobile device?, are there typo’s or spelling mistakes? Do all the links work?, are there website sitemaps? Is the website secure? Does it meet UK and EU data protection laws? Are there Cookie, Privacy, Copyright and T&C shown?

Have an experience website Mystery Shopper help you stay within the law and capture every possible customer.


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