HeartThrob Designs

HeartThrob Designs is a young design company specialising in bespoke items. From our unique presentational products to the bespoke jewellery we offer, we aim to give you total control over the products you receive.

We make no charge for our design services for any of our products, and would actively encourage you to contact us even if you just have a vague idea of the finished product youโ€™d like. Weโ€™re very good at listening, and also at filling in the blanks!

Nearly everything we do is adaptable, ensuring you will only receive one off items youโ€™re 100% happy with. We take great care in what we do, and this is reflected in our products.

We pride ourselves on our originality, adaptability, high quality, exclusiveness and diversity, and do everything to ensure your shopping experience with us is second to none.

Please see our โ€™How it Worksโ€™ section for details of our pain free design service.