Harlestone Heath Garden Centre

Situated on the A428 just outside the historic village of Harlestone Heath, Harlestone Heath Garden Centre started life as a quarry supplying the honey-coloured stone used to build many of the houses. The surrounding pine forest is the only undisturbed acid heathland left in Northamptonshire and is home to a nature reserve with SSI status – a horticulturalist’s dream with its rare acid-loving plants.

Dog walkers visiting the pine forest will be interested to know that our restaurant has a segregated seating area where we have allowed dogs, with cages provided by Pets Corner.

With such a special location, it is quite fitting that the centre should have a reputation for horticultural excellence. Top quality growing stock appeals to both amateur and expert gardeners alike and a cheery team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff takes great pride in going the extra mile and dispensing good practical advice on every aspect of garden care.

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