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Marketing preparations for the future

Brexit dominates the news, and for many business owners and managers, there is nothing they can do, except prepare. We commissioned a report which goes some ways to explain what should be considered when planning for Brexit.

With so little information and facts which seem to change as fast as the weather, what can be done?

Will your business survive if you do nothing?

At the heart of every business are the customers, and they are as worried about the future as well. If customer numbers fall, revenue falls, staff are laid off, banks consider their support, etc,etc. It is a vicious circle. Doing nothing should not be an option.

How a local Business Directory can help?

We are talking about Northamptonshire Marketing. It is not a word to be frighten of, it just means telling potential customers about your business. If customers don’t know about your business, they can always find a competitor. So the winner is the business that has spread information on the company products and services to many sources. The Northamptonshire Business Directory is one such marketing source, and it is free.

Northamptonshire and Marketing

Northamptonshire Marketing

The majority of people now have a Smartphone, these are often used to find products and services at a location near to the phone user, or can be delivered to their address. With Google dominating the search engine marketing area, it is important that a business is listed and reaches high up in the search results. The free local Business Directory for Northamptonshire can help with online marketing.

Customers start a search by a location, a product or service, then add additional search words like “Northampton/restaurants/Thai restaurants” If the restaurant has prepared their website correctly for the common search terms, they will be found on the top page of results. Helping a business to achieve top results also means having quality links to a business, and business reviews.

A quality free listing in the local Directory, which also provides for customer reviews is a great place to start any online marketing. The Directory also does it’s own marketing, promoting every business with a listing in all the major search engines. Google does index every listing regularly, because we tell Google where your business is listed.



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Brexit is coming, so be prepared.

A no-deal Brexit is now looking very likely

Many people have lost interest in anything to do with Brexit, but this will change life for everybody, good or bad. Preparing for Brexit should be something everybody is thinking about, how to protect themselves and their family.

Preparing for Brexit

We have commissioned a report that sets out steps businesses and ordinary people should consider in this uncertain times. It does not matter if you are leaver or remainer, it is going to affect you personally, A no-deal Brexit will create many problems.

The report is divided into sections to make reading a little lighter and give time to consider the ideas and suggestions.

Read the first part of our report, you maybe surprised at some of the ideas and suggestions


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Northampton Business Directory GDPR update.

To ensure compliance with the new “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came in force on 25th May, we have contacted all existing members of the Northampton Business Directory. The results show that the vast majority received and viewed the email sent.

GDPR Checklist

A number of companies had closed down, or did not wish to remain a member. We have deleted all their information from the Directory, deleted their details from our mailing list, and are taking steps to remove their email address from our administration computer.


Most companies are breaking the law

The majority of businesses now use a computer system to manage customer accounts, send letters, contact supplies, plan budgets etc. So it is understandable there are customer, enquiries, and supplier records store on the system. Under the new UK Data Protection Law and the EU General Data Protect Regulation this data information must be stored securely and only accessed by approved staff, who have been instructed in the latest security measures. All customers and suppliers must directly be contacted and confirm you may hold their data. Fines can be horrendous, don’t be the first to test the law.

Where to start?

Check out a free general guide on Drachsi. We are not professionals to advise on all the requirements, but a basic start should be made on data protection. Every business website also needs to publish a Privacy Policy document, and how it complies with the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Law.

Nearly 70% of UK companies are still not implementing any data protection rules. See why



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Northamptonshire business owners are strange

Business owners and their customers

Everybody in business knows customers are important, and promoting a business is also important. This can be in the normal way of leaflets, phone calls, advertising, emails and promotions. Often overlooked is the 24 hours a day 7 days a week that a free listing in the local Northamptonshire Business Directory can bring.

Customers now search on-line for products and services, even though they may still visit a business to complete a purchase. Customers can find a business website on-line if it set up correctly. which takes time and knowledge. Another method used is a local Business Directory or a Directory specialising in certain types of products or service. The reason is because customers realise that all the companies are likely to be listed that are required. Then it is up to the listing to make the sale.

As a business owner, could you write 300 words about your company and why it is the best? Unfortunately the case is not many owners are good at marketing and promotion. We can help promote your business for free. Any doubts? check out why we use high level security


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Free business review

Only for members of the Northamptonshire Business Directory

Free business review checkIt will soon be Christmas and we have some free time, we would like to extend to all Northamptonshire businesses listed in the Directory, the opportunity to have a profession review of the company website and the free listing.

Type your business name in the search box and select your business. Click on the headline which will open your free listing. Send us the link and we will do the rest.

This offer is time limited and will close on December 20th, to give us time to complete all the reviews before Christmas.

You may ask, why should I bother with a review? Customers can be very choosy and anything wrong on the site can make them go somewhere else. It is important also to know if your website design source has kept up with the latest requirements. Let our free review help you understand customers and the legal requirements of owning a website.

This offer is now closed, check back in the New Year for other free others to help your business grow.




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